Dawn Richard Talks Fight With Aubrey O’Day and Plastic Surgery Rumors

Dawn Richard is setting the record straight, again, regarding her much-publicized tussle with former Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day as well as rumors that she had plastic surgery.

During a recent pit stop at Sway’s “In The Morning studios,” Dawn says the incident with O’Day happened because things got “messy.”

“Everybody has their moment where they hit a ceiling. I’ve always been about the art and music, and when I felt like it wasn't about that, it became something way more messy, and I wasn’t feeling that,” Dawn told Sway. “I’ve always been quiet in everything, but after 9 years of quiet, sometimes quiet don’t really work with certain people, and that’s a sad reality, you shouldn’t have to resort to that, but sometimes you lose it for a second.”

Sway asked Dawn if Aubrey took the punch well, but she skipped the juicy details, adding, “It wasn’t like that, its sisters when sisters are fighting.”

She explains: "Where I’m from, everybody handles situations different. You argue, you fight, sometimes hands happen, and the next three hours, you’re at Applebee’s."

Although Dawn and Aubrey are not “cool” today, she says the public blew the incident out of proportion. “I don’t do messy, I just disappeared,” she says.

Dawn also touched on rumors that she has had plastic surgery work on her face.

“I don’t know, maybe the contouring is really good,” she says, adding, “You can’t make people believe what they’ve already decided for themselves.”

Dawn’s sophomore album, Blackheart, is now in stores.

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