Brady Watt – Natural ft. Melanie Fiona

Bass guitar player/producer Brady Watt is readying his compilation album LIFETRONICS, and he’s enlisted friend Melanie Fiona for “Natural,” a tune dripping with funky soul. It almost didn’t come out of the vault, but Fiona jumped on the song while visiting Watt in his New York studio during one of many jam sessions.

Watt says the album’s creation happened organically.I have a studio in Harlem and my friends are just coming by all the time and I just add on people to my tracks. Like for instance, the trumpet player on [“Natural”], he came by for another session and I just threw him on that track," he told BET. “Throughout the day musicians and artist friends of mine will come through to kick it and contribute if the timing is right. The recordings happened naturally the only task was making the stuff into a body of work.”

Along with Melanie Fiona, other artists such as Talib Kweli and Joey Bada$$ will appear on the album slated to drop on Feb. 12.