Solange Hit With IRS Tax Lien: “Well Thanks For Letting Me Know”

Solange Knowles will have to pay the Piper.

According to reports, the newly married singer-songwriter-DJ owes the state of California $55,000 in back taxes from 2010-12.

We’re guessing Cali wasn’t happy that she left the state and moved to New Orleans, because they hit her with the tax lien three days after she tied the knot with Alan Fergusson.

Solange seemed OK with the ordeal — she took to social media to poke fun at the reports. “Well thanks for letting me know, lol (laugh out loud)…” she writes.

We’re sure Solange isn’t struggling like her Daddy!

In lighter news, check out these throwback photos Solange shared on Christmas day of her family.

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