K. Michelle – Love ‘Em All Ft. Jeezy

The promotional wheels are in heavy rotation for K. Michelle's upcoming sophomore album, Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? which arrives in stores tomorrow (Dec. 9). The latest from the set is a remix of the lead single "Love 'Em All," by rapper Jeezy, who adds a grungy, street flavor to the love ballad.

Jeezy also remixed K. Michelle's Rebellious Soul single V.S.O.P back in 2013, so it was only right that he jumped on this record.

“This album is a completely different vibe,” K. Michelle told Singersroom. “The last album, I was kicking the door down, just really happy to be there and it was really aggressive. It was really just about me getting out all of my frustration and that’s where I was. Now in my life, I am who I am, I accept that, flaws and all, I say how I feel, I do what I wanna do, and I don’t really care too much. So this album, I’m out in L.A., a different vibe, not having a lot on me other than just my own personal relationships with friends and dating. I was really able to hone in on that and focus on those things and not the outside world. So this album is a global album, it’s not an R&B album, it’s not even a genre-based album, it’s really an “everybody-based” album.”


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