R&B Newbie Wash Talks Texas Upbringing, Interscope Signing, The Importance of Showmanship, More

Wash Interview

Wash Interview

How do people treat you when you go back to Texas?

Aw man, I’m scared to go back right now, cause Thanksgiving is coming up, so EVERYBODY gonna try and be at the house. They’re buggin’ out, they’re very stoked cause there’s never been an R&B, I mean, we got UGK, but as far as just to have a young R&B sensation come through and blaze the city like that, that’s never been done, so they’re looking at me like “man, you really did that.” They’re freaking out, even people who I got into it with back home, dudes see me like “man, put on for the city, we’re behind you 100%”, so it’s all love; I love it.

What’s next for Wash?

We got a mixtape coming, I’m doing a few remixes to different songs. I rap as well, so you’ll see those hip-hop elements. Hip-hop remixes, R&B remixes, we’re working on something real special for the fans. Doing a lot of radio interviews, traveling, promo, clubs, you know, the beginner’s grind, but it’s all good. I know it’s gonna pay off crazy, I’m just excited for everybody to hear the new music. Don’t get me wrong, I think “Thots” is a smash, but we got some ballads, some sensual, baby-making music, got a little bit of everything coming soon, so look out for that.

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