South African Vocalist Lira Covers ‘Heart & Soul’ Magazine

Great to see Lira getting some stateside shine!

After an introductory American tour this summer to accompany her debut American release Rise Again, the South African singer is now the face of the December/January issue of Heart & Soul Magazine. Editor-in-Chief, Anita Kopacz, saw Lira in concert and immediately knew she was a Heart & Soul cover girl.

In addition to her songbird voice, Lira’s story is one of self-love and resilience that is sure to elicit inspiration. As Lira told us in our summer ‘14 interview: “We just came out of apartheid in South Africa about 20 years ago, and also, given the career that I chose in the environment that South Africa was at that time, there were just so many things working against me, that positivity, in my opinion, made all the difference,” she said. “The fact that I am South African and grew up during apartheid, is just a deck of cards I was dealt, but ultimately, we’re all trying to find the same thing: our place and space within this world, fulfill our dreams, be ourselves, and trying to do the best we can with what we have. So the music gives a great soundtrack to those whose minds are that way, for people who really want to grab the best out of life, so it’s deliberate in that sense. That’s become my theme, my message, and just how I live, it’s literally my truth.”

The December/January issue also features a story about Keke Palmer and Sherri Shepard as they broke barriers by being the first African Americans to play Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother, respectively, on Broadway. Singer/Songwriter, Goapele, also shares her jewels in this issue and talks about her new album Strong As Glass. She says that her album is “a tribute to the heart, soul and mind of a woman; to our emotional spectrum, tempo and range.”

Below, peep the behind the scenes footage of Lira’s cover shoot and purchase Rise Again above.