If you’ve been seeking some fresh and distinctive R&B music, then Lorine Chia may be an answer to that calling.

Currently readying the brand new EP, Sweet Noise, the eclectic soul singer-songwriter recently released the new single “Let Me Fly,” a record that sees her searching for clarity.

"The single cover basically explains it all. Super heroine songstress Lorine Chia takes some time off from saving the day with her power of music ya know? Sometimes I wish I could just get up and fly away alone without my phone or a worry in the world,” says Lorine. “I think I might have to do that one day.”

As far as the pending EP, she adds, “This EP Sweet Noise is all about getting away from those recurring stresses that come with life, making dreams come true and just being happy – finally things I'm starting to do in my life right now."

Keep a watch for Lorine Chia!