Mary J. Blige Gets Emotional on the Sam Smith-Penned Ballad ‘Not Loving You’

Mary J. Blige has called Sam Smith one of her favorite new artists, and the two of them worked together extensively on her upcoming album The London Sessions due on December 2nd (like when Smith contributed vocals to “Nobody But You”). Here’s another collab from the two; “Not Loving You” is an emotional piano ballad penned by Smith.

Ever feel like giving up on helping someone because they keep messing up? On the song, Mary throws in the towel when trying to assist her loved one. “There’s only so much I can, do if you’re not loving you,” she passionately wails.

Judging from this song and the previously songs ("When You're Gone", "Whole Damn Year," etc.), seems like Mary is coming hard on this album! Pre-order The London Sessions above!