Omarion, Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown Say That’s How It’s ‘Post To Be’

After teasing us with snippets, Omarion’s return to music is highlighted today with the full debut single "Post To Be," featuring Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko. The single, which premiered on the LA Leakers show, features the Young Cali sound; the song was produced by no other than DJ Mustard.

You hear one DJ Mustard Song, you’ve heard ‘em all: it’s a simple, bouncy beat with party lyrics that we would expect from O and Breezy. Those lyrics coming from Jhene, on the other hand, is rather surprising: “I might let your boy show for me / But he gotta eat the booty like groceries,” she sings.

Well alrighty then, Jhene!

"Post To Be" stems from O’s upcoming album, Sex Playlist.