JMSN Focuses on the Seedy Side of Business in ‘Ends (Money)’ Video, Plus ‘The Blue Album [Infomercial]’

You know the clichés: “money make the world go 'round” and “money is the root of all evil.” Well, much like The O’Jays tried to warn us about in 1973 with their hit single "For the Love of Money," JMSN gives us those same vibes in the song and video for "Ends (Money)."

“Money make the world go round, money buy you diamond rings / Money gonna bring me down, thinking bout the things I need,” he sings on the chill cut. The video is seedy and sleazy, filmed like a low-quality home video, and you find out not everything is what you see in this gender-bending clip which gets weirder as it progresses.

Now, before you ask “what the hell did I just watch?!”, you’ll get JMSN’s humor when you peep the “infomercial” (below) for his upcoming Blue Album; like a cheesy, public access form, two amateur-acting hosts sell the album like a bad late-night paid advertisement, complete with short video clips of real songs from JMNS’s album (which sound really good by the way!)

JMSN Blue Album officially drops on December 9th. Preorder above!