Dawn Richard Talks New Experimental Sound & Journey; Says She Will Always be a Danity Kane

After the separation of Danity Kane and their last album, DK3, Dawn Richard is putting her solo career in full focus.

With plans to release her sophomore album, Blackheart, on January 15, on yesterday, the New Orleans songstress released the set’s first offering in the form of the new music video, “Blow.”

“It’s a completely different sound,” Richard tells Billboard about her upcoming opus. “Lyrically and storytelling-wise, it is in the same fashion of Goldenheart. … But I wanted each album to stand on its own, and have a cohesive story. The story in itself is about my journey throughout the music industry, and the love, the hate, the redemption and the whole thing in between.”

While the sound may be a bit unique yet different from what fans are used to hearing from the songbird she assures listeners that they’re in for a treat.

“This album is the most experimental album of my career as well as my biggest risk taker,” she said. “With the help of my long time creative/business partner, Kyle Cabrol, I was able to create something we are proud of. This project is very special to me. We set out to redefine the term ‘independent’ and really push the limits on what could be done. We are just two people but we act as a label that has an entire staff. Both of us are extremely excited to share this art with the hearts.”

Although Danity Kane is no more, Dawn is still thankful for the journey and the success of the group, insisting she did what she could.

“I’m still a part of the other five — I’m never turning that down,” says Dawn. “I just think I’ve done the best that I possibly could. I did my part in releasing the [Danity Kane] album, so now all I can do is support whatever’s out there and wish everyone the best, and now continue to make great music that doesn’t affect my group. We’re not promoting it, we’re not even doing videos or anything for it, which was the decision that wasn’t my own. So I have to move forward.”


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