Lil Mo – Just Not That Into You (JNTIY)

R&B singer-songwriter and ‘R&B Divas LA’ reality TV star Lil Mo is revving up for the arrival of her fifth studio album, The Scarlet Letter. Headed by lead single "Should've Never Let You Go," Mo has followed up by dropping another one of the album’s tracks called “Just Not That Into You.”

This one puts you in chill mode, which is probably the best mode to be in when you're about to get dumped (or if you're the one doing the dumping)! Like the title would suggest, Mo is breaking up with her man, letting him down as easy as she can. “This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you, but I gotta tell the truth,” she sings on the intro before her no-holds-barred confession of “You don’t mean a thing to me.”


The Scarlet Letter is scheduled to drop on Oct. 27.