Stress? Mariah Carey Has Vocal Troubles on Opening Night of Tour (Video)

Could Mariah’s pending divorce from Nick Cannon be to blame for recent vocal struggles?

Over the weekend (October 4), the vocal veteran set out on her "Elusive Chanteuse World Tour" in Tokyo, Japan, but her performance left fans wondering if the singer's personal struggles are affecting her legendary voice.

Fans who attended the concert captured the painful footage of Mimi as she struggled to hit not just the high notes, but ANY notes for that matter. Some are saying the flubs are just opening night glitches and kinks that need to be worked out. The Japanese daily newspaper Chunichi Shimbun gave the concert a rave review, saying her voice is still intact. Could it be that just the worst moments were captured on tape and the majority of the show was flawless?

TMZ states that she may have been having microphone troubles, but over recent years, critiques of her voice have come from fans and critics alike who say the quality of her voice has been declining since the 90s.

The footage is hard to watch. Were the flubs just a case of opening night jitters, is the singer’s voice gone for good, or could stress brought on about by her personal life be to blame?