Yay! August Alsina Finally Released From Hospital

After being in the hospital after collapsing during a performance last week, August Alsina has finally been released!

Posting a picture of all the get-well gifts in his room to his Instagram, August wrote yesterday (Sept 23), “Recovery, it's a process. I woke from a coma.. God gave me a second chance at life & I'd like to thank each and every person that sent any form and expression of love thru gift, card, flowers or simply your kind words and prayers. I'm a hustler, I'm a worker, I overwork myself at times but I'm a survivor and still here by the grace of God and your prayers. #AlsinaNation #Squadd We still here & time to go harder!”

And today a picture of the singer as he leaves the hospital in a wheelchair surrounded by balloons has surfaced. He writes on Twitter, “Healthy enough to b Discharged from the hospital today… Scariest time of my life.. but im a soulja & so is God.Thankyou for your prayers.”

Reports cited exhaustion and dehydration for August’s health scare, which resulted in a three-day coma.

Great to see Aug on the road to recovery!