Lady Gaga On Art Pop’s Flop: ‘I Crashed, I Didn’t Want To Make Music Anymore’

Lady Gaga is speaking out about the flop of her album "Art Pop," management, her loss of a desire to continue with music and the man that saved her.

Appearing on CBS Sunday Morning, Gaga admitted that her last musical era ended badly both in public and behind the scenes, which left her devastated.

"I have to make sure everything was okay, because it wasn’t. You know, it’s one thing to put a train on the tracks. But it’s another thing to keep the train on the tracks. You can’t just let a train out on the tracks and just run it out… I crashed," Gaga told CBS. "I just didn’t even want to make music anymore."

According to Gaga, in addition to changes and challenges with management, the pedestal she had been put on was an issue.

"I felt like people were holding me to a pretty high standard,” Gaga told CBS. “Everybody’s hooting and hollering because, you know, I didn’t sell 20 million records this time, which I did with my first album. And you know, it’s not easy to replicate that. And you just – I don’t have a formula.”

After taking some time off Gaga connected with Tony Bennett, who, with their recently released collection of duets ("Cheek To Cheek") helped to reignite her interest in music.

"I can’t tell you how happy this music makes me,” she shared.

See the full interview for how Gaga felt about splitting with management, feeling abandoned and more.