The Voice Judges On Producing A Star: We Make Them Well Equipped

The Voice has been on television for several seasons, but has yet to produce an undeniable Grammy winning, chart-topping and internationally known star.

Taking on critics in a recent Q&A, Adam Levine explained what he thinks the show does for its contestants.

Changing his tune, after claiming that the show needed to produce a bona-fide star in 2012, Adam Levine now says "The Voice" helps singers to be "as well-equipped as possible for reality, which starts the minute that confetti falls and people continue with their careers."

Weighing in Pharrell Williams says "I just don’t like that we’re talking about this from the defense, as if there’s something wrong [with The Voice]. I never had a Gwen Stefani, or an Adam Levine, or a Blake Shelton to come in and tell me anything when I was 15 years old."

Even with that said, it could just be me, but it seems that "The Voice" winners are not getting a sizable push with their debut albums or at the very least are not coming out of the show with a single that people will actually buy and send up the charts. It just seems that once that confetti falls and the curtain closes for the season, so does the buzz. Yes there have been a few exceptions, but there is no one from "The Voice" that you can say, like from "American Idol," has reached heights and long term success like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson or Fantasia.