Boyz II Men – Losing Sleep, Plus ‘Collide’ Tracklist

September 30 is only fifteen days away, which marks the arrival of Boyz II Men’s album Collide. Today, the veterans debut “Losing Sleep” on Billboard, a track from the set. Describing the track, they say their “The singing style and the harmonies are typical of Boyz II Men, and that’s one of the reasons why we decided on the song.”

And true enough, the tune keeps up the classic Boyz sound, but don’t think the entire album will stick to tradition. Nathan tells Billboard not to expect their signature ballads on Collide. “There’s not a whole lot of that on this album. Unfortunately, people don’t listen to ballads anymore. We listen to them, because we grew up on them and we love them, but radio doesn’t play them. We’re in a very fast society where nobody wants to take time to slow down, so the music has to reflect that.”

Check otut the Collide tracklist below:

1) Me Myself & I
2) What Happens In Vegas
3) Diamond Eyes
4) Better Half
5) Underwater
6) Believe Us
7) Don’t Stop
8) Already Gone
9) As Long As I’m With You
10) Losing Sleep
11) So What
12) Collide