Angie Fisher – I.R.S.

It only took one song for Hidden Beach Recording's CEO Steve McKeever to sign Angie Fisher.

Fisher's voice is fierce, real and raw. It's a voice that we rarely hear today on the radio, but would give you the chills. You can feel the pain and frustration in her tone. The single "I.R.S." is an ode to the beautiful American struggle so many find themselves in day to day. At a time when jobs are scarce and people are struggling, it is not hard to relate. She makes these challenges real to us as her gritty vocals touch the souls of the people.

"Two thousand bucks would save my life. Two hundred bucks would ease the pain. The I.R.S. is on my case but I refuse for them to make me go insane!"

McKeever, who is credited for launching the career of Grammy Award winner Jill Scott, has definitely found a new gem in Angie Fisher.

Check it out!