Keithian – Power

Following his 2012 single “Butterflies,” New Orleans-raised singer-songwriter Keithian returns with new music in the form of “Power.” The soulfully-smooth tune has Keithian crooning over lax guitar chords; can he give up seeing other women in order to move forward in a blooming relationship?

Keithian has written produced songs for artist like Jennifer Hudson, Pussy Cat Dolls, Danity Kane, Chris Brown, and etc. He was also a musician for acts like Jojo and Jessica Simpson on tour and most recently served as assistant musical director for Nicki Minaj’s notorious Grammy performance. He has worked with several producers like Will.I.Am, Tricky Stewart, Swiss Beats, and many more.

Be in the lookout for an accompanying video and his EP …Power coming soon. About the EP, the artist writes:

"To the Lost Lovers.

I fell in love a few years ago and realized after the relationship was done that I never actually "fell in Love". I realized that I was afraid of "falling" and giving up the freedom that I had. I began to place all my insecurities in our relationship and started to disrespect my love and myself. Everything that happened bad to me in the past became my reason why I was incapable of loving and I let it sabotage us….

After that relationship I started listening to my mother and female friends. I started listening to them and how they would handle their relationships. I noticed that there was a common theme in all these relationships and that was a "POWER STRUGGLE". They would explain to me how everything would be great and then there would be a moment that the guy would just simply give up, break-up, disappear, and break their hearts. I took that information and held it close to my heart. And while I started dating again, I stayed intuitive with my emotions and feelings. I tried to be honest and open about everything. All while finding out that I was falling for this girl….

Then a year later, I began to get scared. I began to think about the "what ifs'," when everything was perfect and she really was the one for me at that moment in my life. It was too good to be true and right when I realized that, I started to do "stupid" stuff again and it got ruff. So I took a step back and realized that I was holding on to my "POWER". The "POWER" of letting her know that I didn't want the things that I used to want, like the streets, other girls, drugs, and partying unless it was with her. But I didn't know how to tell her, when I knew I needed to.

So I went in the studio with my boys, Mark & Dre who had just worked on a few big records with Chris Brown, August Alsina, Nicki Minaj, and etc. I told them how I felt, but they didn't really understand how to help me make my story into that big POP record that I was known for. So I came back to the studio the next day with my guitar and showed them by writing the song "POWER". Immediately they got it, and we started to make a whole journal of songs which became my "… Power" EP.

I realized in the end that releasing my "POWER" ironically gave me and my girl the "POWER" to love, and we just lived within it. So I want to dedicate this EP to those who are dealing with the "Power Struggle of falling in Love". It may be hard, but remember that your POWER combined with someone else's POWER makes a greater force.

Faith & Love = Blessings,

Check the video teaser below.