Chris Brown – X

Over the past year, Chris Brown has been through a lot: mostly legal issues, which have taken away from his music, even delayed his album X an entire year.

Well, with the opus arriving on September 16, the singer seems focused as he releases the title track, and it’s an introspective song about an ex-girlfriend (and with two women publicly by his side over the past 6+ years, no need to ask who this song could be inspired by).

"I know just who you are / You put me on layaway / You just like to heart shop…I think that it’s over / I swear to God I’m moving on," he declares.

"X" was probably written during a downturn moment during one of his on-again-of- again relationships. Either way, we can definitely see his flashy dance moves when he takes the stage with Trey Songz on their joint tour this fall!