Nina Sky – Stoners Ft. Smoke Dza

Nina Sky is looking to blow your mind … visually that is!

The duo, Natalie and Nicole, unleash the trippy and psychedelic music video for their latest release "Stoner," a track that samples "Break Yr Heartt" by oOoOO and features rapper Smoke DZA.

“The video was about portraying the song’s psychedelic vibe instead of building a storyline,” Nina Sky’s Natalie told Dazed. “We wanted the viewer to feel that stoned feeling.”

Nicole adds about the song, “I was traveling with my wife for a DJ gig in Texas, and at the end of my set, this couple placed two mollies on my turntable for me and her,” she says. “I’m not into that type of partying, but it was basically inspired by that. I get the point of taking something to enhance the moment, but to me that’s the feeling of being so deep in love that it’s intoxicating.”

Directed by Feebzz and Blizzedout, the video was shot in New York.

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