Linda Perry on ‘American Idol,’ ‘The Voice’ Contestants: They’re Not Special Enough

American Idol contestants are not special enough, they're not musicians and they are being toyed with by producers according to successful songwriter Linda Perry.

Appearing on Larry King Now, Perry held nothing back when she discussed reality singing competitions in the midst of promo for her own, titled "Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project" (VH1).

"When you watch American Idol. God bless it. It's probably this awesome experience that these people are having, but it's not a real one. Those kids that are on that show would never be found out by a label. A label would never go and go I want that kid. They're not special enough," Perry told Larry King Now.

According to Perry, contestants on "American Idol" are doing nothing but singing cover songs. There is no songwriting or production.

"They're singing cover songs. They're not real musicians. They're more being put out on the show because this person seems f**ked up so they're going to be good for TV. That person, we know we're going to dump them in the second episode…"

Taking it a step further, Perry said "they (producers) already know who their winner is. Right now all we're seeing is these magic curtains show up, or the spinning chair shows up, and it's like is it really about music or is it about selling CocaCola?"

Comparing her show, which is more like an artist boot camp, where aspiring recording artists go in and create their own material, Perry says "I think people will be able to see a whole new way of where music comes from."