Jesse McCartney – The Other Guy

Jesse McCartney reveals the new single “The Other Guy,” a ballad from his upcoming album, Technicolor, slated to arrive July 22nd. On the track, the 27-year-old R&B/Pop singer is caught up in a love triangle, but in his case, he’s the benefactor of a cheating girlfriend.

“Girl, I’m sitting here wondering what it is that we’ve done/ Baby, who am I? / To be the other guy/ ‘Cause I’ve seen tables turned/ A world of hurt/ I never want to feel twice/ I know what’s it like from the other side,” croons McCartney.

McCartney’s upcoming album, Technicolor, is inspired by 70s and 80s pop-funk and R&B, music he grew up listening to.

“This album sort of has a retro flare, and you can hear that throughout the record,” he recently told Los Angeles’ KISS FM. “It has a lot of that late ’70s, early ’80s pop-funk influence, so Prince, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, they all made an impact on me at a very young age growing up listening to music. So I wanted to make an album that was sort of a reflection of what I grew up listening to.”

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