Leigh Bush – Good Morning Sex

As Leigh Bush (formerly known as Sammie) hits the studio hard for some new tunes to follow up 2013’s Leigh Bush EP, the net got a taste of some material from three years ago from the singer, called “Good Morning Sex.” Simple in its production and melody and self-explanatory in the lyrics, the tune was leaked, to the Bush's surprise.

In a series of tweets, he wrote: “GOOD MORNING SEX” it’s unfinished and leaked & 3 years old but njoy beautiful world.” He then explained “Sigh, It’s not even mastered…& it’s all the way different from what’s going on now…”Ima reveal it… It's an 8 bar gap for a rapper on it also & the beat's been used b4 so why not?!”t?!”

Welp, at least he's a good sport about the leak!