The Designer Behind Rihanna’s Dazzling CFDA Dress Reveals How It Came Together

Since Rihanna hit the CFDA red carpet on Monday night, the internet has been a buzz about her wardrobe choice. There's a reason why the Bajan songstress was being honored with the 2014 Fashion Icon Award, and the Adam Selman designed dress alone could explain why.

Selman recently sat down with ELLE Magazine to talk about creating the crystallized sheer dress that adorned over Rihanna on that fitting night.

In the interview, Selman revealed that the dress took seven days to make with 20 people on deck and 230,000 crystals. Even though the dress only took seven days to make, Selman says the concept for the dress came about a month ago.

"We were in L.A. with Rihanna for the MTV Movie Awards about a month ago and we all started discussing the CFDA look," he says. "We agreed on the idea of a crystal dress. It happened super organically. Next thing you know, I had sketched the designs, made some samples. Rihanna tweaked a few bits, and we were off to the races!"

He adds that Rihanna new exactly what she wanted. "She was very exact with what she wanted. She always is. We dyed the mesh to be her exact skin tone. She also asked me to mix plain crystals in with the colorful ones, and in person it made such an amazing difference. It added a depth I wasn’t expecting. Her instincts on these decisions are always spot on."

The designer also told ELLE that he shed some tears when he saw Rihanna rocking the dress for the first time. "They sent me a video of her wearing it, and she was just beaming. I usually don’t get outwardly emotional about these things, but this one really struck a chord."

Selman even briefly responded to critics of the dress by saying "…Lighten up people. She looked incredible in every curve of her glory."