Bridget Kelly – I Won’t Cry / Almost More

While she’s hard at work prepping her debut album All or Nothing, Bridget Kelly keeps her fans' appetites satisfied with new music…

On Saturday (May 31), Bridget Kelly premiered two new songs from the album on community radio station Bang Radio (formerly Life FM) titled “I Won’t Cry” and “Almost More,” two soulful songs that flow effortlessly into each other.

“The vibe with this work is that all of the transitions are fluid, so every song goes into the next. So last night I did, 'I Won't Cry' which goes into 'Almost More,' which is another song on the album," Kelly told ABC News radio.

Bridget continues, "That's kind of the idea for the album — it's really just to feel it out, you know, and not rush it, not rush a vibe. I'm not going in with any specific topics I feel like I need to talk about, I'm going with whatever the natural, organic flow is this time around.”

She says she’s “halfway done” with the project. All or Nothing will arrive later this year.