Jagged Edge – Hope

Multi-platinum quartet Jagged Edge (a.k.a. Brian and Brandon Casey, Richard Wingo and Kyle Norman) is back and giving “Hope” to the ladies who are on the brink of giving up on finding a good man.

“All I wanna do is come up with this little plan, put her hope back in a man,” they tenderly sing.

About the song, Brandon told Vibe, “This is definitely for women. I don’t know too many women who don’t love a real man. This song is about a real man stepping up and being accountable."

Kyle adds, "This particular song is making all of those men step up. Sometimes you have to confront a brother. It takes a brother to know a brother. A lot of our homeboys, our male friends, when they hear this song, a lot of them may say, “We have to really step it up.” Music is really spiritual sometimes."

“Hope” is from their upcoming album J.E. Heartbreak Too coming this fall, which they plan on re-recreating the sound of their 2000 sophomore album J.E. Heartbreak.