Monifah Talks Music, Love and More on ‘Wendy Williams Show’

Monifah stopped by The Wendy Williams Show for an interview Monday.

Discussing her relationship with Terez, her daughter and reality television, the "R&B Divas Atlanta" star also discussed the music industry.

"It was different. I don't think they were ready. The nineties weren't ready," Monifah told Wendy Williams when asked about being "out," while performing songs like "Touch It," and being pushed to stay closeted.

Now open with her life and love, including marriage on the current season of "R&B Divas Atlanta," Monifah says it's time to live freely.

"It's real. It's a part of my life," she said when asked if she had second thoughts or concerns about airing her personal life. "I think it's time. Love is love and that is it (as long as it's healthy)."

Watch the full interview in video below.