Get It Together: Mariah Carey Fan Pens Letter Over ‘Letting Go’ Album, Management

Does Mariah Carey need new management or a completely new team behind her to breathe life into "The Art of Letting Go," her next studio album?

Ironically the art of letting go is an apt title considering what one passionate fan wrote and distributed via social media over the weekend. She thinks it's high time that Carey let go of good friend Jermaine Dupri, who is allegedly doing a horrible job at managing this era of her career.

"I thought you were preaching the other day that you should give 100% to one thing rather than 20% to 5 things? In my mind, that means you should be giving (at least) 100% to planning out MC's album release. Throwing a "radio ass kiss party" and telling lambs to change their screen names to #May6 is not really sufficient to breathe some life into, and kick start, the most drawn out album release in her career," wrote the fan, whose message has been shared by many since Saturday. "I am well are of my role as a mere fan, but I really don't think you have a concept of your role as her "manager" and I am quite confident that everyone that has witnessed this past year is of the same opinion…. For some incomprehensible reason Mariah refuses to fire you (her loyalty to you is a hybrid of admirable and sickening given the detriment it's causing her), so if you're going to be around, you might as well get your sh*t together. Go read a book or two on management and strategy, prepare an actual business and marketing plan, on paper, and do this right."

The lamb went on to say "Most importantly, if you actually care about Mariah, rather than exploiting her to pull yourself out of bankruptcy, you would concede that this task is bigger than you and you would advise her, as her friend, to hire professionals with proven experience."

Welp. All of that said, do you agree and are you even interested in Mariah's new album at this point?