Gallant – Jupiter Grayscale

L.A. singer Gallant teams up with UK producer Maths Time Joy for this genre-bending tune “Jupiter Grayscale,” an atmospheric jam dripping with so much reverb, it’s easy to become swept away in the ambiance, his Maxwell-like falsetto enrapturing your eardrums as the song ascends into a fiery zenith.

“And I was blaming you– an ego so inflated, and red infatuation so strong / decades overdue… regretting all the patience. I'm sorry that I waited too long,” he sings.

“I guess when you make a ton of sacrifices for someone– give what you thought was everything– it can take a lot to look back and admit that you were the one who pulled everything apart. I was selfish, I was big-headed, I was insincere and I apologized way too late,” he explains of the song’s concept.

Enjoy the sounds of Gallant’s soulful, psychedelic offering and download above.