No Show! Arrest Warrant Issued For Anita Baker

An bench warrant was issued for music legend Anita Baker after she failed to appear at a scheduled court hearing on Wednesday (Mar 19) in Detroit, Michigan.

Baker is entangled in a civil suit with Ray Smith Painting and Decorating for $15,000 of work done in her Grosse Pointe home.

According to the company, Baker failed to pay for carpentry, plastering and painting work done in 2009.

"We're not trying to give her any hard time or anything unnecessary. We just would like to collect the money for my client," attorney Daniel Gerow, who represents Ray Smith Painting and Decorating, told "He's owed the money, and that could end it all right then."

On Thursday, the singer tweeted what appears to be a response to learning about the warrant from a TV news report:

"WHATTT??!!… sittin' in the kitchen watching this on TV. BIG time crazy. Atty on his way to TV Station. Devil sho is busy," she wrote.

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