Keyshia Cole – Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away), Plus Breakfast Club Interview

Keyshia Cole is rolling out the tunes!

Just yesterday, she wanted to go off like “Rick James," now she’s a bit more vulnerable on "Next Time (I Won’t Throw My Heart Away)." Still the victim of betrayal, Cole softens her stance of the situation, vowing to be more careful when it comes to falling in love.

“You do it again / Next time, I won’t throw my heart away again,” she sings on the freestyled song.

These two songs clearly express each end of the emotional spectrum she went through after reports surfaced that her husband NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson was unfaithful to her.

Earlier this morning (March 20), Cole visited The Breakfast Club and explained the current situation with her husband, and they seem to be a broken family unit. "We co-parent. He’s a great father. At 8:30am he comes and take DJ to school every morning and I pick him up, we good…It’s a little difficult to be happy right now," she confides.

Aaaw Keyshia! But even if her marriage is shaky, she’s still revving up for the launch of the second collection of her shoe line in conjunction with Steve Madden, of which she brought some design to the studio for the DJ’s to check out.

Peep Keyshia’s new song and check out her revealing sit-down with the Breakfast Club crew below. Her next album is tentatively scheduled for August.