Macy Gray – Stoned

After two years, Macy Gray is back and getting "Stoned," on this simple, melodic preview from her upcoming album, The Way. On the folky tune, Gray sings about getting lifted to damper the pain of being stood up.

“I stayed up all night just to look at you, baby / To feel your lightening and your thunder…/ Where were last night I was waiting for you?” she asks on the bridge.

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Macy describes The Way as being for people who have lived long enough to know all about the game of love. “It’s a record for grown-ups, for people who have lived and have lives and know a lot about love….We have a ballad called “The First Time” that I wrote with my keyboard player in my band and we’ve been playing that for a while … it’s real acoustic and it’s really beautiful. It’s simple and it’s the prettiest song on the album because the album is really grimy, raw and dirty and that’s the one that’s really pretty.”

Check out the clip below of Gray premiering "Stoned" on The Arsenio Hall show a week ago (March 12), and look out for her upcoming album The Way, due out later this summer.