Omarion Taps James Fauntleroy, Eric Hudson for ‘Sex Playlist’

Omarion has recruited hit producing songwriters and producers for his upcoming Maybach Music Group debut "Sex Playlist."

Due for release this Summer, "Sex Playlist" won't be heavy on features, but it will be heavy on what Omarion seems to call authentic sex music.

"It's not about just having a sex playlist, it's about having the right sex playlist, because you can't have sex without love… It's not just about the lustful idea of sex. It's a playlist for the lovers," Omarion told Billboard in a recent interview.

Led by the track "You Like It," Omarion's album will be his first under MMG and it will be a majority solo effort.

"This album is all me," Omarion told Billboard confirming that he has tapped both James Fauntleroy (Beyonce) and Eric Hudson for the album. "We've been thinking about some features, and we're in the fourth quarter of changing up and maybe putting some of the family members on there, but this is so important to me. Although it's been some time since I've put out an album, I always put my best foot forward in my music. When people hear this album, people will say, 'Omarion, we know you're on MMG, but you're doing your own thing as well.'"

"Sex Playlist" is due for release this Summer.