Bongi Mvuyana – I Wonder

South African songstress Bongi Mvuyana is causing quite the stir across the pond in Africa with her song "I Wonder," a tune which, through poetic lyrics, she assures a love interest of her genuine intentions.

“I wonder what about these genes / make your hands so insatiably fond of me / I wonder what about the things you reveal to me / so naturally makes you scared of me, I wonder,” she melodically sings on the first verse.

Always interested in creative writing, Bongi was a published poet by age 12, and performed her verses through high school. “I don’t know what this music I’m making is called, but I just hope it will challenge ideas and resonate with someone, hopefully they can relate to or even find wisdom through my experiences and I want it to be something that they can love too,” she explains.

“I Wonder” is the first single from her upcoming album Dopamine, which is titled after the effects of love being comparable to the pleasurable, naturally-occurring endorphin.

“Love is the cure and the cause, like a drug and endorphin, the rush and the destruction – it’s like Dopamine, your body produces it naturally when you feel good and rewarded about something of pleasure. Our addictions act on the Dopamine system. Having love inside you is rewarding, and the lack of love makes us fiends; longing to the borders of desperation for that touch, that scent, that incomparable feeling.”