Jesse Boykins IIII – Show Me Who You Are

After dropping covers and mixtapes with his own stylo, Jesse Boykins III's haunting sounds are in the forefront once again in the form of an official single called "Show Me Who You Are." Produced by Machinedrum, Boykins yearns for intimacy of all types as he wants a love interest to reveal their true colors to him.

"I wish I could see through your moods," he sings.

And intimacy is something Boykins doesn’t shy away from. In a recent interview with Singersroom, Boykins said, “Society forces a lot of men to ignore the sensitivity they possess. They hide and mask their feeto lings. They mimic the personification of drug dealers and pimps. They try to play games and act like someone that they are not … that’s not being a real man. It takes so much to be a real man. There is so much lacking in masculinity today."

“Show Me Who You Are” is from his long-time-coming album Love Apparatus due out on April 22.