Fans Choice: Ten Teedra Moses Songs We Love

We have so many R&B artists … some get the acknowledgement they deserve and some don’t. However, there are some artists that are grossly underrated. In this case, the California native/Miami sunbathing Teedra Moses is one of those artists. She has shared her complex simplicity with adoring fans throughout the world for years. She is internationally known and locally accepted, not just for her music on wax, but also for her live performance. We have all enjoyed music from artists and got all excited to check a show out that ended up being a total waste of time. However, Teedra Moses kills the stage every time.

Songs like "Be Your Girl" and "Backstroke" from Complex Simplicity and others like "R U 4 Real" amongst others just give you that feeling. Her lyrics could be put in Hallmark cards and she talks about things many men and women can relate to.

Check out ten songs fans love from Teedra Moses and check out her new joint "All I Ever Wanted" below.

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