Lonny Bereal – Things I Would Say

With over sixty-five songs under his belt, Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Lonny Bereal releases his new single "Things I Would Say".

You may not be familiar with Lonny, but you definitely are familiar with his amazing penmanship. He has written emotional charged songs that take the R&B/Pop fan from ecstasy to heart break. He knows how to get the ladies excited and make the fellas beg for their women. Songs like Tank’s "Please Don't Go" and TGT's "Sex Ain’t Never Felt Better" are records that have depth. Chris Brown's "Strip" and "Transform Ya" shows how dynamic and fun Bereal’s pen can be. He has been a valued contributor to R&B as a writer; now he is here to give you a complete view of who he is as an artist.

"Things I Would Say" is another example of how much life he gives the words to the music he creates. There is an undeniable honesty in his sound and lyrics. "Things I Would Say" is just that … honest and real. Check it out!