Sevyn Streeter Talks Girl Group Past: ‘I Was Devastated When We Broke Up’

Before songs like "I Like It," "B.A.N.S.," and "It Won't Stop" Sevyn Streeter was part of girl groups TG4 and RichGirl. Sadly following the trajectory of many girl groups, both groups broke up.

Speaking of her girl group past, while providing some insight into what happened, Sevyn opened up about the "Virginity" and "Swagger Right" groups in a recent interview with XXL.

"I wish I could tell you that I knew that the story would eventually get to this point, but in life you don’t [know]. When I tell you I loved being in my groups, anybody who knows me, they know that I loved being in my groups. From my first group TG4, I loved being in my groups. I was devastated when we broke up. Just like I didn’t know I was going to be in Rich Girl after TG4, I didn’t know that this phase in my life was going to come after Rich Girl. But I will say that especially Rich Girl—I loved Rich Girl," Sevyn told XXL. "We had a great four years together. We were signed to RCA, we had a good run. Went on tour with Beyoncé and I loved it but I had no idea."

According to Sevyn, the end of Rich Girl led her to focus on songwriting and working with Chris Brown. The rest is history.

"Honestly, I remember towards the end of Rich Girl, I started writing with Chris and after Rich Girl broke up I kinda held on to whatever God gave me. And for me that was songwriting. I love songwriting and to be around music. I started writing songs with Chris, just writing songs with Chris and little bit by little bit, I kid you not that I couldn’t make it up it kind of panned out. God is just amazing the way that he did all of that," said Sevyn.

As reported last week, Sevyn has worked on new music for Chris Brown's album, "X," and is at work on her solo album following the release of an EP titled "Call Me Crazy, But…"