Noel Gourdin – Cant Wait Ft. Avery Sunshine

Noel Gourdin follows up "Heaven Knows" with his second single (and first duet ever) with singer-songwriter/pianist Avery Sunshine; a track called "Can’t Wait." On the soulful track, their voices blend perfectly as they portray a couple going back and forth in high anticipation about what’ll go down when they finally get together.

"And it feels like He made you just for me, girl you’re amazing / Now my goal is to bring you to ecstasy, How can you blame me?" he sings.

Judging from the lovey lyrics, this song may have been inspired by Noel’s current situation. In a new interview with us, Noel dished that he’s enjoying his love status: "[Marriage] is definitely a goal, I want all that, I want children. I am not married yet, but I am in a relationship and we’ve been practicing for kids. We haven’t blown the whistle and started the game officially, but we have been practicing," he tells us.

"Can’t Wait" is from Gourdin’s Feb. 18 album, City Heart, Southern Soul.