Kelis – Rumble

Kelis is preparing to spoon feed us some Food via her next album come April 22, and the next morsel is the song "Rumble," a song about that good ‘ole gray area.

"I know I said leave but baby, don’t go! / We got so much history I hurt you hurt me, no we don’t need therapy / What I need is you to leave," she switches up, the blasting horns on the hook like a 70s soul groove.

The new chef filmed a video for “Rumble” back in November (2013) filled with exotic animals, which isn’t what you would expect from this song, but this is Kelis we’re talking about! "Larry the giraffe and flamingos too?can't wait to see this video," she wrote on Instagram, adding: "Never a dull moment ;) wepa!"

While, Kelis isn't the most dynamic singer, she always manages to bring real life situations in her music.

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