Angela Ricci – Lazy Love [PREMIERE]

Following on from her well-received debut single, "So Good," Angela Ricci presents the jazzy-pop sounds of "Lazy Love".

The sultry-sweet ballad (produced by Aaron Paul) is enhanced by Angela's nonchalant and dreamy delivery. The track revolves around a couple and their "lazy-crazy" relationship:

“He’s got that lazy love / The type of love that doesn’t show how much he cares…She’s got that crazy love / She doesn’t mind already using his last name…” The coffee-shop jazz instrumentation serves as the perfect backdrop to the casual feel of the track. The sound of "Lazy Love" mirrors the overall sound of her forthcoming EP, in which she positions yesteryear genres within today's day and age by adding a fresh pop spin.

Pour your favourite warm beverage and cozy up with Angela's "Lazy Love."