Review: Timothy Bloom Captivates With Self-titled Debut Album (Preview)

Nowadays, music lovers wonder if "real" R&B music still exists. Well two-time Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer Timothy Bloom answered this question when he released his self-titled debut album.

Bloom, known for writing songs for R&B's musical legend Smokey Robinson among others, stepped out of Timbaland's limelight to record his LP. As he would say, "Too many cooks in the kitchen."

With a tangible aim of individuality and ingeniousness, Bloom without a doubt showcases his creative spirit while addressing common issues such as heartbreak, love, and pain in song. It's like he is putting "life" into his songs.

The alternative soul singer really took the time to honor and appreciate the legendary singers before him such as Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. Bloom complemented the project with late 70's-early 80's musical styles, which includes inspiration from rock, jazz, funk and classic soul. He profoundly expanded his horizons as an artist when he recorded these songs.

Bloom's creativity and smooth, velvety voice captivates listeners especially on contemporary R&B singles, "Long Time Ago," a heart-wrenching duet with Dezi Paige about meeting that person who was meant to be, “Rivers Run Deep," a sexually-charged ballad about taking the time to satisfy your mate, "Your Future," a tune about starting fresh with someone and not seeing their past, and "Stand in the Way (of my Love)," an anthem in the fight for love.

Bloom’s naked and vulnerable commitment to his art, demonstrated through soulful melodies, crafty lyrics and riveting instrumentation will blow listeners away. This debut effort offers all the necessary ingredients of a soulful, classic R&B album.

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Contributions from Gary 'Jus Music' Gentles