Love Dominique – Shadow

When they say they’re interested, but his or her actions say otherwise, it’s time to throw up your deuces!

Southern songbird Love Dominique’s old man is living in her new boo’s “Shadow,” and it’s all cause he couldn’t step up, so it’s time to move on. “He done stepped up and walked on in, now it his shadow you’re living in,” she says.

The Houston indie artist’s EP Wicked Heart reached Top 40 on iTunes, and she just inked a national distribution deal with Altavoz Distribution, the same company who globally distributed Dawn Richard’s Goldenheart. “I’m very excited by the unlimited potential of this partnership,” says Love Dominique. “Altavoz has a successful track record of working with independent projects, and I believe we’re going to make history together. With Wicked Heart only being available digitally I missed the opportunity to get the music to a certain segment of potential fans, but with this deal my music will be available to more music lovers than ever” she explains.

Love Dominique will collab with Altavoz to circulate her first full-length album digitally and physically, slated for a summer 2014 release.