Javon Inman – Beautiful Girl (Date-Night Song)

Javon Inman is a "gospel singer who loves his wife," and he takes a quick veer off the traditional Gospel road to show that it’s cool to woo the wifey every now and then. He gives the directions on how to do so on “Beautiful Girl (Date-Night Song),” an affectionate gem inspired by his wife of twelve years.

"It's one of the greatest songs I’ve ever written because it's just very honest,” explains Inman. “It exposes another side of my heart that many people don't know and I'm excited to share it. The musicians (Clifford R. Flowers, Duane X. Gray, Todd Gholar, Eric Burke, Antione Hookes, Jr., and David Tauler) set the track on FIRE! But it’s the out-of-the-church-box message that delivers and definitely pushes the envelope. God is concerned much more about us than just going to church and shouting. His heart is deep and I just want to set His heart to music. I want to sing about the real life issues God has laid on my heart…freely," he says passionately.

Watch the clip below to hear Inman talk more about the inspiration behind the song: