Ginuwine Gives Incredible Performance in New York City

The show must go on!

A rainy, muggy, and snowy day in New York City didn't stop natives from attending the Ginuwine concert on Saturday, December 14th at B.B. King Blues Club & Grille. Fans from Brooklyn, Queens, the boogie-down Bronx, New Jersey, and the rest of the tristate area packed the house, showing their dedication and loyalty for one of R&B’s legend.

As the man of the hour and his band entered the stage, the ladies went wild, knowing that they would be indulging his eargasmic vocals, pretty body swag, and electrifying dance moves. Ginuwine kicked off his set with two classics, "Same Ol G" and "Hell Yeah." The energy from the audience was tireless. I would like to call it a "ball of fire," because they were dancing and singing the songs word for word.

Ginuwine made sure his fans were in tune with him, especially when he sung the throwback joint, "I'm Sorry," from his debut album. Fans also played R&B trivia with him when he sang records from Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye. Along with a second wardrobe change, Ginuwine was still ready to party and show more of his erotic side on stage by singing "So Anxious," "In Those Jeans," and "None of Your Friends Business." He even did a little peep show for the audience when he showed his rock hard abs.

Before Ginuwine ended his segment, fans knew the last song was going to be "Pony." He had to play the song that made his mark in the business. Most people were in grade, middle, or high school when the song was recorded. This man needed everyone to stand to their feet for his number one song. He even said it with some bass for the people that had wax in their ears. It was necessary because this was one of the biggest R&B singles in 1996. And to make his interaction with the fans more personal, Ginuwine stepped off the stage to perform at every location in the restaurant. Women wanted to touch every bit of Ginuwine: arms, legs, thighs, or his toned buttocks. It made a few men in the audience a little bit envious. Women were knocking each other down to see the singer up close. It was vital for these women, because he was and still is a sex symbol in R&B music.

New York City wouldn't mind Ginuwine performing once again in the Big Apple. His energy on stage is remarkable and incredible. No one in a million years believed this pretty boy would still be around 17 years later. The singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, husband, and family man said it's just the only beginning for him. Now, collaborating with two other R&B singers, Tyrese and Tank, to create the Grammy nominated group, TGT, they are the 2013 version of the R&B group LSG, because these brothers' chemistry is magical on stage.

Ginuwine is still the "Same O' G" but with a mature sound and attitude.

Photos via ThisIsRnB