For the past two weeks, Jessica Sanchez owned the No. 1 position on Singersroom's Most Popular R&B Singles of the Week. This week, she was dethroned by R. Kelly as he returns with the sexually charged singles that are a continuation of his debut album, 12 Play.

On “All The Way,” Kellz leaves no room for imagination; a staple of his style, as he drops lines like, "I already got the Magnum glove, you already got your ass poked up/So we're passed the limit and there ain't no turning back, no." He recruits Ms. Kelly Rowland to join the song as his leading lady, which adds to the spicy bedroom energy oozing from the single.

R. Kelly's split personality has changed from "Write Me Back" to "Black Panties," leaving no doubt he is the king of foreplay and beyond. In addition to "All The Way," he placed a second single, "Lights On," on the list.

Ruben Studdard follows R. Kelly, landing into the second position, but Studdard's tactics for romance are not as abrasive as the Chi-town legend. Working with Grammy Award winning producer David Foster, the former American Idol contestant completes a one-on-one conversation confirming the couples love is "Meant To Be."

Now that Black Friday is a week behind us, an onslaught of Christmas themed songs are coming from many artists. The person that beat the pack this week was Day26's Willie Taylor. His soothing rendition of "Silent Night" back by a piano and strings serve as a relaxing lullaby for the most wired person.

A mix of singles that touch topics of relationship issues, Christmas and dream romance earned slots on the Most Popular R&B Singles of the Week for Candice Glover, Jessica Sanchez, RaVaughn, Dawn Richard, Brandy, and Kevin McCall.

R Kelly - All The Way

R Kelly – All The Way

R. Kelly is on the down low again, this time with Ms. Kelly Rowland on “All The Way.”

Ruben Studdard - Meant To Be

Ruben Studdard – Meant To Be

Meant To Be,” a soulful, jazzy track, produced by David Foster, is the lead offering from Ruben Studdard’s forthcoming album, Unconditional Love.

Willie Taylor - Silent Night

Willie Taylor – Silent Night

Taylor delivers a pure, soothing rendition of “Silent Night,” his voice with the piano and string accompaniment serves as a relaxing lullaby for the most wired person.

Dawn Richard - Love Rollercoaster

Dawn Richard – Love Rollercoaster

As Danity Kane re-groups, member Dawn Richard continues to drop her own solo joints — the latest being this fun, whimsical song for her “Hearts” called “Love Rollercoaster.”

RaVaughn - Just Another Holiday

RaVaughn – Just Another Holiday

Just Another Holiday“Written by Brittany Barber and produced by Phatboiz, Compound Entertainment singer, RaVaughn compares Christmas day to a regular day when her man isn’t present to share it with. “Without you it’s just December twenty-fifth / Just another holiday without you here with me,” she sings.

Kevin McCall - Merry Little Christmas

Kevin McCall – Merry Little Christmas

Kevin McCall unwraps this gift for the Christmas season — a cut from his upcoming EP “Xmas Love” called “Merry Little Christmas (Without You).”

Jessica Sanchez - Lead Me Home

Jessica Sanchez – Lead Me Home

The season 11 “American Idol” runner up’s newest single “Lead Me Home” is a big ballad dedicated to those affected by the massive Typhoon Haiyan that took place in the Philippines.

Brandy - Not Going To Make Me Cry

Brandy – Not Going To Make Me Cry

Well, it may be old as details about this song are unknown, but the surfacing on the net of “Not Going to Make Me Cry” is still a treat for Brandy fans.

R Kelly - Lights On

R Kelly – Lights On

The rachet side of R. Kelly is let loose on “Lights On.” He is upfront with is bedroom demands.

Candice Glover - Cried

Candice Glover – Cried

The purpose of “Cried” is quickly understood as Candice Glover exhales “I kept a smile for all those years but I’m so sick of fighting my tears, I’m so tired…so I cried.”