Lady Gaga Teases ‘Do What U Want’ Video With R. Kelly, Plus Versace Ads

Are you ready for Lady Gaga and R. Kelly's video interpretation of "Do What U Want," their hit single?

According to Gaga, the video is coming, but she's not sure if people will be able to handle it considering the controversy surrounding their performance of "Do What U Want" on SNL last week.

"Many interviewers quelped today about my 'SHOCKING' performance w/ R Kelly on SNL I'm beginning to think y'all aren't ready for the video," Gaga wrote via Twitter recently.

It's unclear when the video will arrive, but I am interested in seeing what the concept is and how it all plays out.

In related news, Lady Gaga is the new face of Versace. Teasing images from the campaign, Gaga told fans "I'm so happy to be working w/ @Versace for the new Campaign! What do you wanna wear this Spring? #Donatella #famiglia"