J. Holiday Talks to Singersroom About His New Creative Process

Mr. “Put You To Bed” aka J. Holiday is back to give the people what they want. He is doing it like only a true R&B star would, but he has evolved as an individual and artist. He told Singersroom about his new creative formula for crafting his new album entitled, ‘Guilty Conscience’.

“This is the first time I actually creatively sat down with one producer to do an album. Creatively it felt good to have someone understand exactly what I was trying to accomplish. It’s easy to grab a bunch of great records and say that’s my album. However, this time we are trying to tell a story from track one to track twelve … from beginning to end. You will see the trailer for what we have coming out.”

J. Holiday’s new music will be a story for all to enjoy. As we inch toward his release date we are ready to hear J. Holidays perspective on what he calls R&B.