Nelly on Hip Hop: ‘We’re The Easiest Scapegoat’

Are Hip Hop artists the easiest target or scapegoat? According to Nelly, the media continues to single out hip-hop stars because they are the "lowest voice on the totem pole" and no one is willing to necessarily defend Hip Hop like other genres.

"First off, this is an art. This is not being politically correct. This is emotion. I think you feel a responsibility to express yourself the best way you know how and try to be truthful about it. A lot of times, people — as in media folk — they want to promote what they want to promote. That's the word that gets out a lot of times. The media can control how they want views to come out and how they want to say it," Nelly told Earshot in a recent interview. "Every hip-hop artist I know has a nonprofit organization, but nobody talks about that. First thing they want to do is talk about the bad shit, not how many families they employ or how many kids they sent to school. They want to [blame] the problems of the world on hip-hop because we're the lowest voice on the totem pole."

Adding to that, Nelly says Hip Hop artists often bring up things that people would rather not talk about or things they'd rather ignore and pretend that they don't exist. That said, he still admits that artists, like Kanye West and perhaps Chris Brown, don't make it hard for the media to single them out.

"We're the easiest scapegoat. I'm not gonna front — we don't make it hard for them with a lot of the things we do. But you have to understand that a lot of people in hip-hop think socially. We come from places that don't always get a chance to be heard. When we do step on the scene, we kind of jell over topics some people don't want to hear [about]."